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Stories Not Told

with the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel

Consulting and training in computer applications

About the Initiative

Stories are part of the existence and culture of the Ethiopian population. The experience of writing their story will grant the writers personal empowerment and will enable them to apply the tools they received through training. By uploading stories to the website, the public will be able to learn about the history and culture of the Ethiopian community - “The use of personal stories, narratives, computerized tools, and online skills – all these are tools, but not just tools, because they lead to personal empowerment in that they expand one’s sense of strength and control in life.” (Dr. Mira Henick). The narrative of the Ethiopians’ journey to the Land of Israel has never been documented in a centralized manner! As a Jewish people, we are committed to preserving and documenting the Ethiopian heritage firsthand – from those who made Aliyah to Israel, and their children, who experienced the hardships of the journey and reception in Israel.


“Story Not Told” identified an unprecedented initiative in Israel, whose objective is to document the stories of Aliyah and reception and to preserve the Ethiopian traditions while the documentation of stories and memories will be done by the Olim themselves, or their family members, and will thus strengthen their sense of value and connection to their origins. As Yigal Alon said, “A nation that does not know its past, is one whose present is inadequate, and whose future shrouded in fog.”

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