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Stories Not Told

with the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel

Consulting and training in computer applications

The pilot will focus on women or youth from the Ethiopian community for the purpose of allowing them to gain computer skills and express themselves and their unique voice by writing their own personal story.


Each pilot group will include up to ten participants who will meet for a series of eight 4-hour training sessions.


The pilot will involve building a course and training design that will include:

  • Development of a training methodology

  • Preparation of basic training materials

  • Implementation of the actual training


Training of the participants will include the following subjects:

  • Familiarity and basic use of a computer

  • Using office applications, such as word processing and multimedia presentations

  • Electronic mail

  • Using web search engines


At the end of the training of the two pilot groups, the participants’ stories will be presented on the website, along with two evaluations of the results of the pilot and achievements:


Internal evaluation: The company Clickenter will evaluate the participants’ achievements in computer skills.


External evaluation: Prof. Mark Gelkopf from the Department of Social Sciences and Mental Health at Haifa University will evaluate the results academically.


The plan will be fitted for nation-wide distribution accordingly.

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