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Stories Not Told

with the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel

Consulting and training in computer applications


Assistance in the integration of the Ethiopian population into the Israeli job market. 

Training on office applications.

Granting practical and effective tools that will assist in their reception into the job market and in general.

Reinforcing self-confidence and cultural identity on a personal and collective level.

To turn the Ethiopian Oleh – an individual with knowledge – into a teacher. To assist in the understanding that they are individuals who hold important knowledge, have a valuable life story, and can turn their undocumented personal story into common knowledge, and to teach them how to pass it on.

To shed light on moving personal stories that have never been told and that are part of the unique cultural heritage of the Jewish Ethiopian community in Israel.

Group work in cultural identity.

Preservation and documentation of Ethiopians’ personal stories – development of an Information Center for Ethiopian Jewish heritage.

Creating a website including personal stories in the form of writing, presentations, photos, and film.

This website will provide free, general access to knowledge on Jewish Ethiopian heritage in Israel and will also include a description of various traditions, holidays, arts, cuisine, and more.




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