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with the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel

Consulting and training in computer applications

Click Enter is the company that started the initiative and specializes in consulting and training in computer applications. The company exists since 2000, is active in nation-wide distribution, and designs course plans for a wide range of groups and populations. The Clickenter team has abundant experience in thousands of training hours. These training sessions grant new tools and correct work habits for efficient use of different programs and for optimal use of the connection between the individual and the computer.

Nadine Cohen , founder and manager.

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Fanny Kaplan Centers exists more than 40 years and offers cultural activities for populations all over the country – Jerusalem, Haifa, and Be’er Sheba. In recent years they developed, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, an educational program that grants a matriculation certificate to adults of Ethiopian descent. Two of the Fanny Kaplan centers have computer rooms, and each one holds 12 computers.

Frederic Cherbite,  CEO


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